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I propose you to travel together the ephemeral world of ice waterfalls of Oisans and elsewhere. From « streaming » in initiation (course of frozen streams) to climbing very steep cascades in perfecting through the discovery of dry-tooling (dry anchors), there is for everyone …

1. Initiation – Discovery

Learning the use of equipment (ice axes, crampons, spindles, etc.), ascents of small waterfalls in rickshaws, technical workshops of belaying and progression, initiation to the handling of ARVA (apparatus of search of victims of avalanches ).


2. Improvement

Cascades climbs adapted to your technical level, one or more lengths, second or top rope, for the desire to progress or the pleasure of being taken away; technical advancement and belay advices, dry-tooling practice, verification of knowledge of the use of the ARVA.

For icefall activities, I can lend you individual safety equipment: ARVA, shovel, probe.

I can also provide you with personal technical equipment: harness, ice axes, crampons and helmet.


I propose you to share together the charms of winter mountaineering: approach to skiing or snowshoeing, « easy » ways to discover the environment, moderate level corridors for the atmosphere and the line, steep chutes and committed to an adventure special. With adapted equipment, winter mountaineering is within reach of your ice axes and crampons.

1. Initiation – Discover

Pathways not too long, reasonable approaches, moderate technical difficulties; the discovery of winter mountaineering! Initiation to the handling of the ARVA (apparatus of search of victims of avalanches).


2. Couloirs – Corridors

Routes of all levels and lengths, isolation and commitment sometimes serious, for the followers of a mountaineering « wild ». Verification of the knowledge of the handling of the ARVA.

For winter mountaineering activities, ARVA, shovel, probe.

I can also provide you with harness, ice axes, crampons and helmet.