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I propose you to realize together the very beautiful ski tours of the Alps. With outings adapted to your level of skiing or surfing (snowshoeing or mini-skis), explore the world of high mountain seal skins. A way to combine the pleasure of physical effort with the charm of downhill skiing …

1. Initiation – Discovery

Learning the use of specific equipment for ski touring, introduction to the handling of ARVA (avalanche search device) and easy hike with a reasonable altitude (300 to 500 m).


2. Hiking day

Varied output according to the technical level of the participants with a real summit as objective, elevation adapted to the group (from 500 to 2000 m), verification of the knowledge of the handling of the ARVA.


3. Ski raids

Outings of several days (from 2 to 7 days), with nights in shelters or lodgings and climbs of several summits (variable height differences); for seasoned hikers with good off-piste skiing and good general physical condition. Verification of the knowledge of the handling of the ARVA.

For ski touring activities, I can lend you individual safety equipment: ARVA, shovel, probe and harness.